What services do you provide?

We provide a complete sourcing service covering China only. Once we receive a client’s detailed requirements; all or some of the following – samples, specifications, supporting documents, drawings and pictures we carry out the following:

– Identify potential supplier(s) and arrange appropriate quotations, either door-to-door or to UK port.

– Once price accepted by client arrange samples for approval.

– Negotiate final price and contract terms.

– Prepare Sales Contract for client’s signature.

– Arrange transport logistics

– Make quality control/inspection arrangements

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

This depends on your product; we will be able to advise you once we have your product details.

What is involved in sample inspection and approval.

In every case we require our clients to inspect and if satisfied sign off on the sample. It is often the case that minor changes may be required to the sample which does not warrant resubmitting a sample for client approval before production is authorized to proceed. In such instances it is essential that any changes required to the sample are documented fully so that there is no possibility of misinterpreting the changes that are required.

What is the typical timeframe from contacting you to receiving goods?

This depends to a great extent on how quickly you are prepared to move once you have approached us and it is difficult to state a time that it will take to get to the ordering stage as to a great extent this will be in your hands. However, once an order is placed we will be in a better position to quote a delivery date based on the supplier’s production schedule and the shipping time from China to the UK and we will provide an estimated delivery date on the Sales Contract.

How do I know that you are capable of doing what you commit to?

We have many satisfied customers and we will be pleased to put you in touch as appropriate so you can get answer any questions you may have.

Does your quote cover all our cost?

We normally quote DDP (Delivered Duty Paid); and in these circumstances the only other cost is VAT on the invoice.

What assurances do we have that our money is safe with LMCR?

We ask our clients to pay the CNF (Cost and Freight charges of the goods) to our Export Finance House, Orient International, in Shanghai. They are the biggest and longest established Company of its kind in China – you can check them out on Google. The UK Port clearing charges, duty, VAT and UK transportation charges we ask our clients to pay directly to our Clearing Agent.

So except in rare circumstances we do not ask our clients to pay money directly to us.

Exclusivity and mutual non-disclosure and non-circumvent Agreements

We are only successful if our clients are too; so while it goes without saying that we would never do anything to damage our clients’ business or our relationship we are of course more than willing to enter into legal exclusivity and confidentiality agreements on request.