Have you ever considered outsourcing your Products?

In today’s highly competitive and global economy it is essential for companies to stand out from the crowd. This is easier said than done; competing in a crowded market makes it hard to differentiate your offer from those of your competitors. Very often in such circumstances price is the main distinguishing factor and therefore ensuring that what you supply to your customers is at the keenest of prices is often a key to success along with quality and on-time delivery.

This is where we come in.

Sourcing products from a low-cost country such as China can often result in a dramatically lower product cost and importantly increase profitability more than might otherwise be achieved.
For the uninitiated buyer; China is a vast, complex country with numerous difficulties to surmount such as language, differences in cultural and trading requirements. Assuming optimistically these basic problems can be overcome; then a further main challenge to be faced is finding a supplier who you can work with and trust. It almost goes without saying that without detailed knowledge and experience of this market the chances of success for a newcomer are slender.

With our many years of experience of the China market, and with a team on the ground in China who are mainly bi-lingual, our role is to work with our clients to identify as quickly as possible the potential savings from sourcing their products from China.

The LMCR Sourcing Team

Both Chinese and British Management. Many years of first-hand experience of sourcing in China and more than 15 years since the inception of our Company sourcing a wide range of products from simple toys at one extreme to intricate surgical tools at the other.


We are specialists in sourcing from China. We work closely with our clients to identify the opportunities and having done so then we handle all aspects of the procurement process, if required, from order to delivery; minimizing the risks of buying from abroad.

Our Sourcing Services Are Free.

You only pay for samples (if charged for) and any related courier charges and for the goods if you decide to proceed with an order. So there is nothing to lose by exploring the opportunity to source in China – there might just be a lot to gain!

So in summary, there are many advantages in using LMCR’s sourcing expertise: -

  • You can explore the opportunity to source from China at no cost.
  • We know our business and China.
  • We work closely and in total confidence with you as an arm of your business.
  • We have many good relationships in China with factories and shippers.
  • Through good practices and experience, we minimize your risk.
  • We are aware that we only maintain long-term relationships with our clients by achieving results.

Making a Start

Our experiences over the years has given us an insight into the main negatives given by potential clients for not wishing to proceed with what is effectively a free service, to investigate the potential of outsourcing products from China.

They are: -

- A reluctance to consider change, even if for the better.
- Too busy with existing business.
- Fear of what is perceived as the unknown.
- A false impression that all products from China are of an inferior quality
- A perception that only importing large volumes can be profitable.

We are not always given the opportunity to counter these arguments. However, when given the chance to do so, in most cases we are able to demonstrate to receptive clients that there is no downside to taking advantage of the free opportunity to examine the possibilities of achieving major benefits by sourcing from China. Also, as well as plenty of manufacturers to avoid there are many who have a reputation for reliability and quality, and by explaining how consolidating goods in a container with others , relatively small quantity orders can often still be very viable.

To get started, all we generally need is a sample and/or specification with a drawing, an idea of quantity required and a target price.